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I am greatly indebted to a volume written by Rodney Burt Field, of Guilfore, Vermont, containing a history of the descendants of Zachariah Field, who came to the Connecticut Valley in 1639. It is a large 12 mo. volume, written in a fine, plain hand, Mr. Robert Field's own handwriting- -and is deposited with the Deerfield Historical Society of Deerfield, Mass. The book is never to be removed, and permission of the president or secretary must be obtained before it can be copied from. Rodney Burt Field was the son of Elihu Field, Jr


The Field family descended from Hubertus de la Field, who went to England with William the Conquerer in the year 1016, from near Colmar, in Alsace, on the German border of France. He was of the family of Count de la Field, who traces back to the darkest period of the Middle Ages- -about the Sixth Century. Hubertus recieved large grants of land from William the Conquerer and settled near Halifax, England, where the family became numerous, and had many learned and noted men. When England and France became engaged in war, they dropped the French prefix and wrote the name Field.

Sir John Field, the astronomer, was born at Ardsley, England in 1525. Zechariah, a grandson of Sir John, settled in Connecticut in 1639, and Col. David Field was the sixth generation in descent from him.

Col. David Field, born in Hartford, Mass., January 4th, 1712 was a member of the first Massachusetts Congress that met in Concord in 1774, also in the Congress that met in Cambridge, Mass. in 1775; was also a member of the Mass. Council of Safety. Was Commisary General under General Stark at the Battle of Bennington August 16, 1777, and was in command of the regiment for a time. The Mass. State Revolutionary Records say: was chosen Colonal of the 5th Hampshire Co. Regiment of Mass. Militia January 31 1776:

was commissioned Feb. 8, 1776, registered Feb. 14, 1776. In his resignation, Colonel Field. stated that he had served to the best of his ability, but he was now, owing to his old age, unable to longer fulfill the duties of his offices as he should like to, and therefore tendered his resignation, which was accepted.

Major Elihu Field, son of David and Thankful (Taylor) Field, was born in Deerfield, Mass. Oct. 16, 1753 and married Dec. 29, 1774 to Hepzibah, daughter of Captain Thomas Dickson.

He was interested, with his father in business and real estate, which from depreciation and losses during the Revolutionary War left him poor and without means at its close. After settling up his affairs as well as he could he removed in March, 1878 to Guilford, Vermont, and settled near the center of the town. In 1791 he built a house and set out maple trees, the house is still standing and some of the trees. On this purchase stood the Tory Tavern, kept by Hezekiah Stowell, who being a New Yorker, so-called, went with the others to Bainbridge, New York, on land appropriated by the State of New York for it's adherence on the settlement of the difficulties between that state and Vermont in 1791.

He, Elihu, was a soldier for the Revolution on what was called the Alarm, which was to give notice of the approach of the enemy, and to look for the Tories. He was at the Battle of Bennington, August 1777, assisting his father, who was Commissary General under General Stark, He was a prominent man in Guilford, holding various town offices. A Major of the first organized Militia of Vermont, a Justice of the Peace for twenty years: United States Deputy Marshall for the taking of the census in 1810: United States Assessor on Internal Revenue at the time of his death. He was a firm and liberal supporter of religion, but favored the Church of England. He was often called upon to settle disputes between persons in religious matters, He was a man who was not desirous of great riches, but was satisfied with his situation in life, and was charitable to all in need, In 1803 he sold at the center of town and removed to the east part of town, where he died August 23 1814,

Field, Elihu Private, Captain Amasa Sheldon's Company, Col. Elisha Porter's Regiment: enlisted July 10, 1777: service in Northern Department.

Hepzibah Dickson Field, was the daughter of Captain and Prudence (Smith) Dickson, of Deerfield, Mass. She was born May 10, 1753, died Mar. 30, 1843, She was a woman of good abilities and was conversant of the early history of the country; with the early Indian Wars and most of the events of the Revolution: and was acquainted with many of the noted persons, and could give in detail many of the most interesting events. She took great interest in the prosperity of the country. She could adapt herself to any society, old or young and had the respect of all who knew her. Henry Field, son of Elihu and Hepzibah (Dickson) was born at Deerfield, Mass. Aug. 18, 1779. m. Lucinda Frisby, Jan 28, 1808, died April 1869.

Lucinda Frisby was born Feb. 8, 1783, was the daughter of Thomas Frisby, who was a member of a Connecticut regiment at the Battle of Bunker Hill, and afterward a Lieutenant on the Privateer Oliver Cromwell. Died- - - .

The folloowing were born to this union at Albridge, New York:, of Henry Field and Lucinda Frisby Field - - - - Frederick b. Nov 2, 1808, d. Feb. 13, 1809

Henry b. Feb. 12, 1810 d. Oct 3, 1862

Frederick b. Dec. 20, 1811

Julia b. Jan. 3, 1814 d. July, ? 1910

Matilda D. b. June 15, 1816

Pliney Ashley b. July 10, 1818 d. Aug. 23, 1897

Lucinda b. Feb. 15, 1820 d. May 10, 1897

Gretia b. Feb. 15, 1823

Henry Field represented Onondaga County in the New York Legislature.


One of the geneological trees of the Field Family traces the line back to a William Field and his wife, Catherine, who lived in Yorkshire in 1480. Another to Brian Boru, King of Ireland in 1001. Not a dozen families in Europe can prove a higher antiquity or more distinguishing connections, from Rosamond, daughter of William Field, who died about 1617, Married Godfrey Kay, whose family claimed descent from Sir Kay, a knight of King Arthur's Round Table.

Dr. Richard Field was Chaplain to King James and Queen Elizabeth. In 1753, John Field of London married Ann, daughter of Thomas Cromwell, who was a grandson of Oliver Cromwell.



WILLIAM FIELD, b. 1698, d. 3-30-1748, married Jaine, b. abt 1700, Ireland or Scotland,

died after 1772

son; John Field, 1748- 1787, m. Mary Powell,

I. JOHN FIELD * b. abt 1733-35 North Carolina (Guilford Co.)

m. Mary Powell 1762, (23 Jan. 1750?) born abt 1734, died aft. 1788.

had 11 children

1. John b. 10 July 1758, North Carolina, d. 9 Aug. 1842, Pickens

Co., SC., m. 1) 30 June 1778, Anna Macconnell

b. 26 July 1754., d. 1820-22: m. 2) Rahab Cooper

b. 1789-1790?, d. March-April 1870.

2. William b. 1763 North Carolina m. Nancy Ann Armfield

3. Elizabeth b. 1765 North Carolina

4. Ann b. 1767 North Carolina m. James Coltrane, Guilford

County, North Carolina

* 5. Jeremiah b. 1768 North Carolina m. 1) Ashley Robbins, abt 1800.

(my line)- - - - m. 2) Anna Elizabeth Murphy, abt 1810. b. April 1779,

Pickens District, South Carolina

6. Hester b. 1769 North Carolina

7. Thomas b. 1772 North Carolina

8. Robert b. 1774 North Carolina

9. Joseph b. 1776 North Carolina

10. Jessey b. 1780 North Carolina

11. Jane b. 1782 North Carolina

Mary Powells parents: Thomas Powell. & Elizabeth Musgrave

1705-1770 1707-1788

g-parents John Powell & Elizabeth Taylor

1678-1734 1672-1741

" John Musgrave & Mary Hastings

1667-1746 b. 1666

gg- " William Taylor & Margaret...........

b. 1640 b. 1645

Oswin Musgrave & Elizabeth..........

b. 1640 b. 1644-


I-5 JEREMIAH FIELD b. 25 Sept. 1768, Guilford Co. NC, d.21 Dec. 1854 Cherokee Co, Ga., m. Ashley Robins, abt 1800


1. Boling W. Field b. abt 1800, Pickens County, South Carolina, died 1857.

2. William Green Field, b. abt 1800, Pickens Co. SC., died 9-7-1857

3. John D. Field, b. abt. 1801, Pickens Co., SC., d. before 1860.

4. Joseph Anderson Field, b. 1-13-1803., Pickens Co., SC. , d. bef 1857.

Pickens Co.,

m. Anna Murphy, b. 3 April 1779, So. Carolina, d. Sept 1857, Cherokee Co. Ga.


1. Melinda A. Field b. 11-15-1811, d. 3-28-1881

* 2. James M.) Field, b. 10-31-1816, d. Mar. 11, 1888

( buried Salmon Cem. Shannon, Ga.

(my line) m. Margaret H Lewis 28 Jan, 1836, b. 1815

d. 1862 Gordon Co. Ga.

3. Elijah Murphy Field, ) twins b. Jan. 3, 1819, Pickens Co., SC., d. 10-9-1864

4. Elias Earle Field, ). " b. Jan 3, 1819, " " "



? another record shows date of death as Dec. 21, 1897 in Canton,

Cherokee County, Ga.

m. Susan McKinney, b. 1830, South Carolina.


According to the "FIELD" geneology, Jeremiah's father John moved to Guilford Co.,

NC. from Culpeper Co. Va., probably during the 1760s.

Jeremiah's brother John Field served in the Revolutionary War, joining the service

from Randolph Co., NC. Fron a pension file from his widow's application the

following can be pieced together:

On Oct, 10 1851, Rahab applied for and was later granted a widow's pension bassed on John Field's service in the Revolutionary War. Rahab stated that John first entered the service in Randolph Co., NC. in 1782 Randolph Co. was created south of and from Guilford Co. in 1779. A bible record submitted with her application identifies John's children and provides other interesting personal information, including birth dates for the children of a Nix family whose connection to John is presently unknown. It is probably important that John used the Field spelling in his bible, because the Virginia family from which he and his brother, Jeremiah Field are said to descend, used that spelling.

It is said by an author named Pierce in 1901: that Jeremiah went from Guilford Co.

NC., hardly grown, at the end of the war of 1775-1782 and settled in the old indian

town of Eastatoe, on the creek of that name, just at the foot of the Blue Ridge. An

older brother, John, came with him and settled of Twelve Mile Creek, a few miles

southeast of him. He was a very successful farmer, He remained in South Carolina

fifty-six years, and went to Georgia. He married Miss Murphy as his second wife,

and had three sons, two of them twins, and one daughter. He left these last children

well off. He died Dec 21, 1854

It seems likely that in Estatoe, Jeremiah began a friendship with the Cherokee

Indians that would continue for the rest of his life.

Jeremiah acquired one tract of land in Pendleton in 1799 and one of 811 acres

on Devil's Fork of the Keowee River, with Frederick N. Garvin, on Dec. 1, 1832.

On May 23, 1799, he purchased the 250 acre tract on Estatoe Creek from John

Thomas. In the 1800 census of Pendleton District, SC., he was listed as age 26-45,

with wife of same age and one son under age 10, two slaves.

Jeremiah was a very successful farmer and amassed huge real estate holdings

in South Carolina and Georgia. The settlement of his estate also listed 100 acres

on the French Broad River in Buncombe Co, NC.(purchased from Zacharia Candler,

Dec. 13, 1821 - possibly the Zachariah Candler named as an heir in the probate

of Ratliff Boon's estate. Anderson SC., 1815. The SC. property listed in his estate

included seven tracts totaling over 5000 acres: 1000 acres on Big Laurel, 664 on

the Jocase River, and 265 on Devils Fork.

According to the "Field Geneology" Jeremiah remained in South Carolina for 56

years. He then moved to Cherokee Co., Ga. and settled near Canton. This

probably happened after 1833 when daughter Malinda married Joseph Donaldson,

for all parties were called "of Pickens" in the wedding announcement.

"History of Cherokee County" says Jeremiah moved there "during the Indian days"--

that is before the "Removal" in 1838- -with six children. "He traded with the Indians

at his store and grist mill, and helped them to move in 1838." The place he settled

was southwest of Canton, on the Etowah River.

In the 1840 census, Jeremiah was in the 817 District of Cherokee Co., age 70-80,

with wife age 50-60 and two males 20-30 in the household (twins Elias & Elijah). He

owned 39 slaves, and 16 persons in the household were engaged in agriculture.

Also in Cherokee at that time, but in 892 District, were William Fields, Sr., age 60-70,

with wife of same age, two females 30-40 and one female 15-20. Also William

Fields, Jr., age 30-40, wife 20-30, five girls and one boy. The family of Joseph

Donaldson (husband of Malinda Field was in the 792 District.

In the 1850 Federal Census of Cherokee Co, the value of Jeremiah's property

was given as 50,000. making him the richest man in the county. An overseeer by the

name of Nice or Nick Sanford, b. SC., was living with the elderly Fields. Jeremiah

owned 39 slaves.

Jeremiah and Anna Field and other family members are buried in the cemetery of

Field's Chapel Methodist Church in Cherokee County.

Jeremiah's death was administered in Cherokee Co. by his twin sons Elias and Elijah.

Joseph Donaldson and John D. Field posted surety bond, 2-12-1855. His will was

dated Apr. 19, 1854. His estate in South Carolina was administered by Reese Bowen

in 1857.


Notes for Ashley Robins:

"Miss Robins is one of two wives listed for Jeremiah in the "Field Geneology." Nothing further is known of her. However, a Joshua Robins was listed in the 1800 Census of Pendleton County after #920. Thomas Fields, Levi Robins and Joshua Robins were living on the Little River of Keowee in same area as Fields families.

John B. Robins, b. 1809 SC. married Nancy Barton (d/o Moses) of a family allied to the Fields.

Children of Jeremiah Field and Ashley Robins are:

i. Bowlin M. Field, b. abt 1800, d. 1857

ii. William Green Field, b. abt 1800, d. 9-7-57

iii. John D. Field, b. abt 1801, d. bef. 1860

iv. Joseph Anderson Field, 1-13-1803


i, Bowlin M. Field, b. abt 1800, d. 1857.

Notes for Bowlin M. Field:

Bolling W. (M?) Field was listed in the 1834 census of Lumpkin Co. Ga., with two in family. "Bolling W. Field" appeared in the 1838 census of Lumpkin Co. with four in family and two slaves.

B. M. Field recieved a share in Jeremiah's estate, settled in 1857.

The name "Bowlin," "Bolen" etc, is the surname of several families living in Pendleton District early in the settlement period, and may indicate a relationship beyween them and the Field's. One, Archibald Bolin, lived on the Little River, ca. 1800. The founder of the family is said to have been Robert Bolling, who arrived in Virginia in 1660. His descendants lived in southside Virginia, and later moved to Pendleton District.

The "Field Geneology" states that "Bowlin" Field had a son-in-law named E. E. Crison, of Dahlonega, Ga.


ii, William Green Field, b. abt. 1800 in Pickens Dist., SC. died Sept 07, 1857 in Murray Co., Ga., married Obediance "Biddie" Blasingame, abt. 1827 in probably SC.

Notes for William Green Field:

William Green Field was of "Heard County, Ga" in 1836, when he sold property to Bailey Barton.

William, called "Doctor" in the Blassingame family history, married Obediance Blassingame and had a number of children by her. In the 1850 census of Murray Co., Ga. William G. Field was age 50. His occupation was "farming." William Green Field's death date was entered in the (Malinda Field) Donaldson family Bible as "William Field departed this life September 7, 1857 - mother's half brother."

Notes for Obediance "Biddie" Blassingame:

In his will, written July 29, 1833, (probated Dec. 31, 1859) Thomas Blassingame of Anderson County, SC. names dau. Obediance Field as having been provided for.


iii. John D. Field, born abt 1801 in Pendleton District, SC.: died before 1850 in Lumpkin Co., Ga.

Notes for John D. Field:

John D. Field moved to Georgia by 1834, when he was listed in the census of Lumpkin Co.,

with three in family. A John D. Field in this county in 1838 had a household of nine and owned two slaves.

He was probably the John Field living in Cherokee Co. in 1850. The names of his children are from this census. However the "Field Geneology states that none of his children survived.

In 1822, John D. Field witnessed a deed between his uncle, John, Sr. and cousin Jinny Barton.

John D. Field recieved a share in the estate of his father, Jeremiah Field

Estate of John D. Field, Oct 17, 1860, Pickens, SC. (box 56 #613) He was of Lumpkin Co., Georgia. Estate administered by Reese Bowen, James E. Hagood, W.N. Craig.


iv. Joseph Anderson Field, born January 13, 1803 in Pendleton District, SC.: died abt 1842 in Pendleton District, SC., married Elizabeth Easley "Betsey" Blassingame.

Notes for Joseph Anderson Fields:

Joseph Anderson Field was a physician. He remained in upstate SC. after most of the family moved to Georgia. He and his brother William Green Field married sisters.

Reese Bowen was administrator of estate of Joseph A. Field, March 6, 1848, and was made guardian to John M. Field, a minor over 14 years, Nov. 10, 1848.


Children of Jeremiah Field and Anna Murphy are:

i. Malinda Field, b. 11-15-1811, d. 3-28-81

ii. James Madison Field, b. 10-31-1816, d. 3-11 1888 (my line)

iii. Elias Earle Field, b. 1-3-1819 ) twins

iv. Elijah. Murphy Field, b. 1-3-1819 "

i. Malinda Field, born Nov. 15, 1811 in SC., died March 28, 1881 in Canton, Cherokee Co., Ga., married 1) Ransome Cannon: married 2) Joseph Donaldson, Jan. 1, 1883 in Pickens District,

Notes for Malinda Field:

Malinda is probably the best documented of Jeremiah's children. She appears in the probate record of her first husband, Ransome Cannon. Her (second) marriage notice was in the newspaper. She and her family are in the Cherokee County census. She was named in Jeremiah's will. Her family Bible survives. (see Bible Records of Cherokee County, Ga. Vol 1, Hightower Trail Chapter, NSDAR, Canton, Ga. published 1986) She and family members are buried in the Methodist Church cemetery, Canton. And, information about them is given in the "History of Cherokee County."

Pendleton, (SC) Messenger, Jan. 9, 1833: Married on Tuesday the 1st inst. by Rev.

R.D. DuPre, Mr. Joseph Donaldson, to Mrs Malinda Cannon, daughter of Mr.

Jeremiah Field, all of Pickens District.

Notes for Ransome Cannon:

Ransome Cannon estate, Box 2, #20, Probate Judge office, Cickens Co. Administered Mar. 1, 1830 by Elijah Cannon and Malinda A Cannon, Bond of $3,000 put up by Absalom Reece and Jeremiah Field. Expenditures, Mar. 7, 1831. Ordered that Mary Smith, formerly widow Boyce, receive from administrator Elijah Cannon one third of $397 and that John H. Boyd a minor under 14 years the rest. Moses Smith, guardian of child. Malinda Ann Cannon, widow. Jane Cannon, mother of dec'd was paid $33 on a proven account.

Notes for Joseph Donaldson:

Joseph and Malinda moved to Cherokee Co, Ga. soon after their marriage. Joseph was enumerated in the 1834 census

Donaldson was co-founder, with William Grisham, of the town of Canton, and was one of its most prominent citizens. He served for many years as Justice of Inferior Court, and was called "Judge Donaldson." He and Grisham attempted to establish a silk industry in Canton.

(the town was named for Canton, China.) Donaldson brought 100,000 silkworms to Cherokee Co. He and Grisham put out many mulberry trees to nurture them.

Judge Donaldson was prosecuting attorney in one of the most famous trials of Cherokee County, that of Joseph Wofford, who killed Thomas Copeland. (Feb. term, 1839) Copeland had been in charge of the ferry which Donaldson operated at Canton. Wofford was found guilty and later executed.

Donaldson operated the first ferry on the Etowah River, at Canton, and later built the first bridge at the site of the ferry. This bridge was burned during the Civil War. He built the first Methodist Church in Canton- -he and family members are buried in the church cemetery. (Grisham built the first Baptist Church).

Judge Donaldson built a home across the river from Canton in 1856, and he and his wife became famous for their Southern hospitality. Donaldson had large farming interests and engaged in building, milling and commercial pursuits. He owned more slaves than any other man in the county.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Judge Donaldson was too old to go into battle himself. He outfitted an entire company of soldiers in 1861. He was said to have been so well loved by his slaves that they refused to leave him after freedom.

Malinda was named in the estate settlement of Jeremiah Field, 1857. Her husband posted a surety bond for the estate.

In the 1850 census of Cherokee Co., Ga., this family was in Household #1664, Mortemer G. was a student. Also living in household were Thompson Lesly, 21, b. SC., Milton W. Mosely, 21, b. Ga. and Thomas Hogan, 23, a carpenter, b. Ga.

Sources: census records, History of Cherokee Co., Bible records of Donaldson family.

ii. James Madison Field, born Oct. 31, 1816 in Pickens District, SC., died Mar. 11, 1888 in Adairsville, Ga., married 1) Margaret H. Lewis, Jan. 28, 1836. married 2) Margaret A. Hamilton, May 11, 1865 in Floyd Co., Ga.

Notes for James Madison Field:

James Madison Field lived in Cherokee Co. , Ga. where along with Larkin Nix, he paid surety bond for an orphan, Daniel J. Foster, son of Philemon Foster, April 10, 1854.

In the estate of William Hamilton of Georges Creek of Saluda River, SC. administered Sept. 4, 1868, heirs included Margaret Ann, wife of James M. Field of Gordon Co. Ga. Another heir, Rachel Hamilton of Floyd Co., Ga. named W. Field her attorney.

There was a Field's Mill and Ferry on the Coosawattie River in Gordon County.

James Madison Field is buried in the Salmon Cemetery, Shannon, Ga.

Notes for Margaret H. Lewis:

Marjorie Field Reeves contributed information on Margaret H. Lewis. Margaret is buried in the L.P.Owens Farm Cemetery, Redbud area, Calhoun, Ga.

lll. Elias Earle Field, (twin) born Jan. 3, 1819 in Pendleton District, SC; died Dec. 21, 1897 in Canton, Cherokee Co., Ga.; married Susan Sewell McKinney June 20, 1847 in Cherokee County, Ga.

Notes for Elias Earle Fields;

Elias Earle Field was named for Col. Elias Earle, son of Samuel Earle and Ann Sowell, of a prominedt NC. and Virginia family.

Elias E. Field was in the 1850 census of Cherokee County, with his wife Susan, 19, and daughter Margaret. He owned four slaves. In 1860 the family lived in the Fair Play District of Cherokee Co., Ga.

According to the "History of Cherokee County" Elias was "an extensive farmer" and served in the state legislature. He was a Justice of the Inferior Court in Cherokee Co. from 1846-1859, and again from 1860-1861. He was a member of the Secession Convention and sponsor of

"Field Guards," a company raised in Cherokee County. He served in the Commissary Department during the conflict. Afterward he became senior member of the firm of Field, McAfee, Tate & Co., which built the railroad from Marietta to Canton. He served in the Constitutional Convention of 1877 with his Colleague from Cherokee County, Judge James R. Brown.

Elias's son, E. Earle Field, was a breeder and distributor of blooded stock, who introduced Aberdeen-Angus cattle to Georgia. He married Susan McKinney. (no relation to his mother.)

Elias and his twin, Elijah, were administrators of Jeremiah's estate.

iv. Elijah Murphy Field, (twin) born Jan. 3, 1819 in Pendleton, District, SC., died October 9, 1864 in Wadley, Ga; married Cornelia Maxey Harrison abt 1849 in Cherokee County, Ga.

Notes for Elijah Murphy Field;

Elijah Field was a member of the Georgia Legislature from Cherokee, Co. in 1845. In 1854 he bought a large plantation from Pumkinvine Creek to the Etowah, and property in Cartersville. He was appointed assistant commissary general of the State of Georgia on Nov. 16, 1881. During this service, while with his family, who refugeed to Bethany (now Wadley), Ga. he died on Oct 9, 1864 and is buried there.

Col. Field, as he was called, was related to the Lewises And Earles, and on May 10, 1849, at "Earles Furnace" in Cass County, he married Cornelia Maxey Harrison, who was born in 1820 in Greenville SC. ("History fo Bartow Co., Ga., formerly Cass", by Cunyus).

The 1850 census of Cherokee County shows him with wife and 14 slaves.

He and his twin, Elias Earle, were administrators of their fathers estate, 1854.



Field, Elijah Murphy: and his twin brother Elias E. Field were born Jan. 3, 1819 in Pickens district, S. C.: settled in Canton, Cherokee Co, in 1843. In 1845 he represented Cherokee County in the legislature. In 1854 he bought a large plantation from Pumpkin-

Vine creek to the Etowah and property in Cartersville. He was appointed assistant commissary general of the State of Georgia on Nov 16, 1861. During this service, while with his family, who refugee'd to Bethany, now Wadley, Ga., he died on Oct 9, 1864 and is buried there. Col. Field, as he was called, was related to the Lewises and Earles, and on May 10, 1849, at "Earle's Furnace" in Cass County, he married Cornelia Maxey Harrison, who was born in 1820 in Greenville, S.C., while on a visit in this county. Of 9 children, those who were reared and married in this county: (1) Mariah H. m. J. B. Conyers, died Jan. 17, 1869.

(2) Richard H. b. Dec 27, 1853, near Canton was admitted to the Cartersville bar, later removing to Kansas City where he died in 1930. m. Annie Camp of Marietta. (3) Jeremiah Elijah, b. Jan 14, 1856, m. May Hampton of Kentucky, was a cotton merchant in Cartersville until his death in 1916. There were two children: Cornelia, m. Harris Cope, (dec), by whom there is one son, Harris, Jr.: Hampton ( dec.) m. Irene Walker, daughter of the late B. S. Walker of Monroe, and there are two children. (4) James Madison, b. Oct. 21, 1857, m. Loula Shepherd, a daughter of John W. Shepherd and Mary Skinner who owned the Smith plantation before the Civil War where the J. H. Gilreath farm now is. Other children of J. W. Ward and M. S. Shepherd were: Georgia, m. Samuel Wilkins of Atlanta: Dr. J Thomas who practiced medicine in the county, and was born in Troup county and a graduate of Univ. of Maryland in 1874, married Emily Shulte: Virginia m. J. H. Wilke: Alice m. A. J. Shropshire: Fannie m. Dr Henry C. Ramsauer, and Estelle lives in Atlanta. Mr. Field lived in Cartersville until his death on Sept 2, 1929. Their children were: J. M. Jr.. Margaret (White), Carolyn (Crane) and Alice.. (5) Eliza Earle, b. May 23, 1860, in Cartersville, m. James S. Trumlin, (dec), son of Thomas Trumlin by whom there were four children, Sarah (Connor), Bernice and Clarence live in Cartersville, (6) Caroline S., m. J. W. L. Brown,

(both dec.) by whom there was one son. (7) Cornelia Maxey, b. Feb. 28, 1865, m. Herbert A. Camp, (dec) and lives in Hattiesburg, Miss.



Personal Sketches and Family Accounts

FIELD, E. EARLE, Born Nov 18, 1863, in Cherokee Co., son of Elias Earle Field, (b. 1820 in North Carolina) and Susan McKinney, (b. 1830 in South Carolina). Grandson of Jeremiah Field (b. 1769 in North Carolina).

The Field family, of French Descent, trace their ancestry back to the de la Fields' of Norman times. Jeremiah Field, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, came with his six children from North Carolina to Cherokee County during the Indian days, and settled on the present Field place, southwest of Canton, on the Etowah River. He traded with the Indians at his store and grist mill and helped them to move in 1838. Field's Chapel was founded by this early settler. Elias E. Field, his son, was an extensive father and served in the state legislature. He married Susan McKinney, whose parents had come from South Carolina in her youth and settled on the Etowah near Canton.

E. Earle Field, their son also married a Susan McKinney, daughter of Lee W. and Anne Roberts McKinney, of Garden City, Kansas in 1906. Their children are (illegible) b. 1910, Marcus Harvey, b. 1912, James McKinney,, b. 1916.

Mr. Field is a noted breeder and distributor of blooded stock, and was the first to introduce

Aberdeen-Angus cattle into the state. Stock raised on his large river-bottom farm has been famous for over fifty years.

NOTE: Parts of this information furnished by William Tanner, husband of Irene "Field" Tanner

and Barbara McRae who is descended from a William Field, however she decided he

was not of this family.


I.-5-5 JAMES MADISON FIELD: b, Aug 1816, d. Mar. 1888, Gordon Co. Ga,

<my line> buried Salmon Cem., Shannon Ga.

<> m. 1) Margaret H Lewis b. 1815 d. Gordon Co Ga., b. Field homeplace,

Gordon Co., Ga.

m. 2). Margaret A Hamilton b. 1849 Georgia d.Feb. 1913, bur. Salmon Cem

Shannon Ga.

James Madison Field and 1st wife Margaret Lewis had nine children.

1. E. L. Field b. 1837 SC

2. Melinda (Matilda) Annulet V., b. 1840 Gordon Co. Ga., m. Melvin N. Dyer, 21 March 1861, Gordon Co. Ga.

3. James M. Jr. b. 1843 Gordon Co., Ga., m. Olnola Zeater Dyer (Nell) b.1841

Social Circle, Walton Co.,Ga., m. 1869, Fairmont,Gordon Co. Ga.

Issue: 1. Edwin Field b. 1870, Fulton Co., Ark.

2. Nathaniel Field b. 1873, Ark.

3. Mary P. Field b. 1875, Ark.

4. Frank S. Field b. 1878, Ark. m. Maud, 1905, Ark.

issue: Daisy Field, b. 1905, Ark.

Pauline Field b. 1907, Ark.

James Field b. 1910, Ark.

Kate Field, b. 1911-12 Okla.

5. Robert Hearden Field, b. Sept. 1881, Ark., d. Dec 1942 Lebanon, Mo.

m. Maud Moulder, Feb. 1905, probably Ark.

issue: Ruth Field, b. 1907-08, Ark.

Rex Field, b. 1910, Ark.

Ed Field, b. 1912, Ark.

Ruby Field, b. 1916, Ark.

Jim B. Field, b. 1919-20, Ark.

NOTE; The following information from Baxter Co. Ark. provided by Jim Reeves,

Mountain Home Cemetery, Baxter County Ar.

Field, J. M., b. 1843, d. 1926

N. D. b. 1842, d. 1921.........?

Robert H., b. Sept. 6, 1881, d. Dec 8, 1942

Ruby M., b. 1916, d. 1940. (I believe she was the daughter of Bob.)

Field, F. S. 23, mar. 28 Mar.1903, Maud Cole, 18, Baxter County

Field, Robert, 23, m. 18 Feb. 1905, Maud Moulder, 22, Baxter County

Field, Mary J. 15, m. 20 Aug. 1912, Harrison Casey, Baxter County

Newspaper dated Sept. 12, 1902, Miss Pauline Field and Mr. Robert Hurst, m. Sept. 7, at Mr James Field's (father of the bride)

Newspaper article dated Feb. 15, 1907, Wylie N. Fields ? 30 years old died Feb. 4, 1907 in San Antonio, Tx. Buried in Mountain Home Cemetery, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fields (sp)

Newspaper dated May 2, 1919. 50th Wedding Anniversary, J. H. Fields (?) and wife. Monday at the home of their daughter, Mrs Robert Hurst.

Newspaper dated July 23, 1920 died: Mrs Frank Fields (sp) of Cotter, she died Thursday, Burial in Cotter Cemetery. She leaves a husband and small children.

***he must have gotten married again because newspaper dated Aug. 18, 1922, born to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fields (sp), a boy.***

A newspaper article dated Feb. 18, 1921: body arrived: Mrs Mary Little Field age 81. she died Friday. Burial was in local cemetery in Baxter Co.

Article dated Apr. 8, 1921. Died: Mrs James Field, age 75, she and her husband came to Baxter County 45 years ago from Georgia. She is survived by her daughter Mr. Robert Hurst and two sons, Bob and Frank.

Article dated Apr. 15, 1921. Died: Mrs O'nolda Zaida Fields (sp), born Jan 9, 1842, dau of Rev. Edwin and Mrs. Nancy Dyer in Walker County, Lafayette, Ga. She m. Capt. James Fields (sp) at age 27 and soon after moved to Salem Ark. She leaves her husband, one daughter, Mrs. Robert Hurst and two sons, Bob and Frank Fields (sp). Three children preceded her in death. She was a Baptist.

Aug. 1, 1924, Married, George Russell, son of Randolph Russell to Daisy Field, daughter of Frank Field. They were married on July 25.

Paper dated Jan. 29, 1926, died: Capt. J. M. Field, b. April 30, 1843 at Gordon County, Ga. In 1869 he married O'nolda Zaida Dyer at Fairmont, Ga. They moved to Arkansas in 1870 and lived in Fulton County several years, then they moved to Baxter Co. He served in the Confederate Army out of Georgia. He died Jan. 18, 1926. He and his wife had six children, three still living are Frank, of Monette, Ar., Bob, of Henderson, Ar. and Mrs R. C. Hurst of Mountain Home, Ar. He and his wife lived to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Paper dated Feb. 20, 1931: died: Mrs. Frank Fields (sp) at Le Panto, Ar.

Paper dated Dec. 18, 1942, died: R. H. "Bob" Field who came to Baxter County in 1870, son of Georgia pioneers, Jim M. and Onalda Dyer Field. He married Miss Maude Moulder and they made their home on the Northfork River. He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs A. F. Lankford in Lebanon, Mo. Services were here Fri. Survivors are Ed Field, Miss Daisy Field, J. B. Field, all of Mountain Home, Rex Field of L. A. and Mrs. Lankford of Lebonon, Mo. and a sister, Mrs. R. S. Hurst.

Paper dated Aug. 8, 1947: died Mrs Pauline Hurst of Mt. Home died at her home in Los Angeles, Ca. She is the mother of R. P. Hurst of Mt. Home.

Paper dated Aug. 22, 1947: died Mrs Pauline (nee Field) Hurst, 71, b. Sept. 20, in Mountain Home, the dau. of Capt. and Mrs. J. M. Field, early pioneers of the county. She m. in 1902 to

R. S. Hurst. She died Aug. 3, in Los Angeles. She was cremated and ashes brought back. Services were at Mountain Home Cemetery. Servivors are a son R. P. Hurst of Mt. Home and a grandaughter, Miss Roberta Hurst.

"I found another article but I don't know if it is the husband of the Pauline mentioned mentioned above or not. Paper dated April 13, 1928: died R. S. Hurst born and reared in Marion County, Ar. came to Mountain Home about 20 years ago. He died Sat. Survivors are his wife and son."

The only marked graves at the Mt. Home Cemetery with the name Hurst are: the R. S., b.Apr, 11, 1874, d.Apr. 7, 1928 and Hurst, Mary Noll, b. Jan 20, 1915, d. Oct. 20, 1918, and Hurst, Mattie Jane, no dates.

Paper daded Aug. 1, 1947: died, L. W. Fields at Okemah, Ok., last week. Mrs. Tom Southard of Norfork and Mrs Ida Baldwin of Sanger, Ca. are his daughters.

Roberta Hurst m. Joe Carl on Apr. 16, 1949. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hurst.

-----------------Thanks to Jim Reeves for this Information----at

4 .Elijah Murphy b. 1845 " " " d. Nov 1912, Ar.kansas

m. Mary Francis Childress, 1873 Indep. Co, Ark.

5.John C. b. 1848 Gordon Co., Ga.

6 Margaret A. b. 1849 " " "

7. Juan F. b. 1851 " " "

8. Veronica b. 1854 " " "

* * 9. Mark (Marcus) A. Cooper Field b. Sept 1857, d. Jan. 1924, Brawley Ca.

** <my line> m. 1) Mary Virginia Cunningham

m. 2) Grace

James Madison Field and 2nd wife, Margaret A. Hamilton had eleven children all believed to have been born on the Field homeplace in Gordon Co., Ga.

1. William T. b. 1866

2. Louis H. b. 1868

3 Elias Earle b. 1869

4 Cornelia F. b. 1872

5 Denis Franklin b. 1873

6 Corine b. 1875 m. Bray

7 Wade H. b. 1878

8. Susan A. b. 1869

9, Milton Leon (TWINS) (b....25 Dec. 1884 , d. 1959, OKC, OK. m. Daulcy G. Williams

10. Duff F. " " " " , Oct , 1967 Adairsville Ga.

m. Rhoda A. M. Riddle

11. Richard b. ??


1-5-5/5 DENNIS FRANKLIN FIELD b. 1873, m. ?

issue: Glenn Field

Frank Field


1-5-5-m2-9 MILTON LEON FIELD, b. 25 Dec 1884, Georgia. d. 1959, b. Rose Hill Cem, OKC, OK. Georgia. m. Daulcy Gertrude Williams, b, est 1889, Ark., , d. Oct 1962, bur. Rose Hill Cem, OKC, OK.

they had 3 children

1. Audrey d. 17 July 1966, m. Ben C. Parrott

2. Dorothy m. Foy E. Pierce

(3. Marjorie m. Carroll T. Reeves

2 daughters

( Linda m. Robert J. Hirsch

issue: Melisa Audrey

Allison Michelle

( Pamela


1-5-5-m2-10 DUFF F FIELD b. 25 Dec. 1884, Georgia, d. Oct. 1967,

m. Rhoda Ann Melissa Riddle, Adairsville, Ga. d. 1973

had 2 children info. from Clyde Allen Field 4-16-84

1. Clyde Allen Field b. 22 Nov. 1904, Adairsville, Floyd Co., Ga., d. 1925

m. Villa Audrey Burley, 1925, d. 1954

issue: i.. Geneva Field b. 13 Aug. 1926 m. Charles Franklin Davis

lives in Stockbridge, Ga.

Geneva (Jean) is retired from civil service


i. Charles F. Davis, Jr., lives Stockbridge, Ga.

ii. Roger Allen Davis, " " "

iii. Susan Davis (Burdick), San Jose, Ca.

iv. Scott Martin Davis, presently a Senior at

Liberty College-- Lynchburg, Va.

ii.Jimmy Lee Field, b. 25 May 1929, d. 21 Jan 1974

iii. Dexter Jerome Field, b. 1 Dec. 1933, d. 22 Nov. 1954

iv Priscilla Field, b. 12 July 1944, m. Robert Charles Wade

she is an RN. and he is a banker


i. Lori Melissa Wade, b. 5-10-70

ii. Robert Field Wade, b. 6-30-75

Clyde re-married in 1955 to Annie Mae Earwood

2. James Madison Field b. 17 Aug. 1908 Adairsville, Floyd Co, Ga.

d. 14 Jun. 1965, m. Lenna Irene Sutton

issue: Jere James b. 16 Apr. 1931, m. Suzanne Edmondson


!-5-5-M2-1 WILLIAM T. (WILL) FIELD, b. 1866 ? , Georgia, m. ?? Kentucky

had three children:

1. Farris Jasper b. ? d. 10 Sept 1982 m. Ann Melissa McIntire

2. Clyde

3. Ernest


1-5-5-M2-1-1 FARRIS JASPER FIELD, b. ?, d. 10 Sept. 1982, m. 1914, Ann

Melissa McIntire, b. 2 July 1895.

they had three children:

1. Mildred Beatrice, m. James C. Smith

2. Charles William m. Mary Marible

3. James Edward m. Robbie Holsenback


1-5-5-M2-1-1-1 MILDRED BEATRICE FIELD, m. James Carlston Smith.

they had four children:

1. Gerald Carlston Smith b. est 1939, m. Sue Shannon (Smith)

2. Donald Smith

3. Dennis Smith m. Theresa Bracket

4. Sharon Smith m. Larry Fleet


It is interesting to note the 1860 Census for Gordon County, Georgia shows that the value of the real estate owned by James Madison Field and Margaret H Field was $50,000 and the personal property was valued at $70,000.

The 1870 Census shows the real estate belonging to James valued at $10,000 and the personal property was valued at $27,000. Margaret's property was valued at $400 and $600 respectively.


I-5-5-4 ELIJAH MURPHY FIELD b. 1845 Gordon Co, Ga., d. 26 Nov. 1912

m. 1) Mary Francis Childress, Missionary Baptist Church, Independence, Ark.

d. 1886, buried New Hope Presbyterian Church Cem, New Hope, Ark.

Francis Childress, Missionary Baptist Church, Independence, Ark. b. 9 Sept. 1853,

They had six children:

1 Robert Herschel ? b. ?1874 nr Batesville, Ark., d. 1943, Lovington, NM., m. Pearl

Barnes, b. ? d. Dundee, Tx., bur. Dundee Cemetery

2. Frank Alexander b. 1876 nr. Batesville, Ark. d. 2 Oct 1948, Olney, Tx.

buried Olney Cem., Olney, Tx

m. Emelia Wilemina Kunkel, 11 July 1906

dau. Mable Field, m. ? Moore

. dau. Geneva Moore, m. ? Lowery

dau. Irene Field, m. William "Dub" Tanner

3. Annie b. 1877 nr Batesville, Ark.

4. Maud b. 1879 nr. Batesville, Ark.

5, Ruth b. 1882 nr. Batesville, Ark.

6. Jeannie b. 1886 nr. Batesville, Ark.


1-5-5-4/1 ROBERT HERSCHEL FIELD ? b. 1876? nr. Batesville, Independence Co., Ark.

d. 1943, Lovington, NM., b. ?, m. 1) Pearl Barnes 1899., d. 1908 Dundee, Tx

buried Dundee Cemetery




On April 29,, 1874, in a small log cabin near Batesville, Arkansas, the first child of Elijah Murphy Field and Mary Francis Childress was born. His name was Herschel Robert Field. Four other children were born to this family,--Frank, Annie, Ruth, and Molly. In 1886, Mary Francis died and was buried in the New Hope Presbyterian Cemetery in New Hope, Ark.

After her death, Murph Field remarried, and as is often the case did not get along with their new mother. The family moved to Oklahoma and later to Wichita Falls, Texas.

H. Field left home when he was only 12 years old and headed for what was then the Cattle Kingdoms of Texas and New Mexico. He worked for two years as a camp boy of flunky, gathering fire wood and rustling horses for the L 7 Ranch located at Tucumcari, New Mexico, H. Field returned home in 1888 at the age of 14 to spend the winter with his family.

He owned three horses and a bed-roll, all the necessary items to be a cowboy. H. Field had

left home a boy and returned a man. In 1891 he began working for the T Fork Ranch in Wichita County, Texas. That year he made his first trip with a herd of steers to what was then the Indian Territory. H. Field left the T Fork Ranch in the fall of 1891 and went to work for the X Bar Ranch. Then in 1892 he started working for the XIT Land and Cattle Co. and was sent to their Buffalo Springs and Bravo divisions up near Tascosa, Texas. One of his special jobs at Bravo was gathering cow chips for fuel. That job earned him the nick name "Bull S- - Bob". In 1894 he returned to the XIT, and in the spring of 1896 he helped trail 3,000 head of cattle to Cedar Creek, Montana. On his second trailing to Montana, he was made "Trail Boss" as he was the only man who had already been through with a herd. He homesteaded in Montana but the climate was too cold for a southerner, so he returned to Texas. He married Pearl Barnes in 1899 at Archer City, Texas. They had only one son. Herbert Hollis Field, born 12 July 1905 in Wichita Falls, Texas. Pearl died in 1908 after a lengthy illness.

Around the turn of the Century he took what money he had, bought a wagon and team and headed West for Arizona. When he came to the Plains of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico and saw this Country, he thought it was the prettiest grass Country he had ever seen. In 1902 he sunk his Wagon in dirt here and established the first business in Yoakim, County, Texas- -a general store. His time was spent riding the range, looking after his stock, but the general store was always open. Cowboys came from miles around, waited on themselves, listed what they had bought on a scrap of paper in a baking powder can and periodically settled their accounts.

In 1903, H. Field carried the mail 150 miles on horseback to and from Portales, New Mexico. He did this for six months, in order to establish a post office cor the community. Settlers from as far as 30 miles around the area received their mail here. Later old Plainview, Lovington, Plains, Ranger Lake and Tatum post offices were all established out of his post office.

One day in 1904, a Yankee shoe salesman from the Peter Company stopped here- - A "Dudie kind of Feller." A bunch of cowboys were standing around and he offered Five dollars to see one of them ride a Bronc. After the show, H. Field bought some black top boots off him. The Drummer asked why there wasn't a post office out here. He replied I've got a post office but can't get a name for it. The Salesman suggested "Wild Horse", but H. Field said

"The Government won't take no double name". The Salesman then suggested "Bronco". H. Field sent in "Bronco", the Government accepted it and thus Bronco, Texas took its place of the map.

Mabel Nancy Roberts was born on March 5, 1889 in Ellensburg, Washington, to Smith Hilll and Hester Ann Turner. When she was eight months old, the family headed South and settled in Snyder, Oklahoma. Mabel attended school and finished the eighth grade, which at that time was a complete education. In 1908, Mabel and her two brothers. Bruce and Elbert left Oklahoma for West Texas in a covered wagon. Their journey took them as far as Post, Texas, where Mabel taught school and Elbert worked as a barber. Mabel and Elbert then moved further West and "squatted" two miles west of Broncho in The Territory of New Mexico. There they lived in a half dugout. They moved the Chuckbox in and used it as a kitchen cabinet, built a fireplace, lined the walls of the house with tow sacks, and made curtains and rugs by dying sacks different colors.

Elbert and Mabel were living on H. Fields' range and he rode by their house often. A short courtship ensued and they were married in November, 1910 in Plains, Texas. They had three children, Herschel Anita was born on Oct. 7, 1911, Tyson Milton was born on June 19, 1916, and Robert Kight? was born May 18, 1924. All of the children were born in the same house which was in the same location, but in different rooms and different Counties or Territories, Anita was born in the Territory of New Mexico, Tyson was born in Chaves County, New Mexico, And Robert in Lea County, New Mexico

H. and Mabel acquired some 40,000 acres established the 0 7 Ranch along the State Line between Lea County and Yokum County. In 1936 they bought some 60,000 acres of land near Yeso, New Mexico. H. Field came to this country just like everyone else looking for a future or perhaps trying to forget a past. He started with nothing but ambition and finished with his brand on over 2,000 head of cattle, 200 head of horses, and he owned or controlled over 100,000 acres of land, H. (Gravey) Field was very proud of his Community, and we the remaining family are grateful to be a part of the heritage of this area.

They had one son

1. Herbert Hollis Field b. 12 July 1905 Wichita Falls, Tx.

(Robert Herschel Field ? m. 2) Mabel Nancy Roberts, b. 5 Mar. 1889, @ Ellensburg,

Washington. d. 1990 @ Bronco, Tx., Bur. Field Cemetery

They had three children

1. Herschel Anita b. 7 Oct. 1911, Territory of NM.

2. Tyson Milton b. 9 June 1916 Chaves Co., NM.

3. Robert Knight b. 19 May 1924 Lea County, NM.


1-5-5-4/2. FRANK ALEXANDER FIELD b. 1876 Independence Co., Ark., d. 2 Oct. 1948

Olney Cem., Olney, Texas, m. 11 July 1906, Archer, Texas,

Emelia Wilemenia Kunkel, b. 20 Oct. 1882, Archer Co, Tx.

They had three children:

1. Mabel Ruth b. 9 Nov. 1914 Young, Texas, d. 8 Sept. 1978

2. Wilmer Frank b. 5 Oct. 1921 Young, Texas d. 12 Apr. 1984

3. Irene Loree b. 21 May 1924 Archer County, Texas


1-5-5-4-2/1 MABEL RUTH FIELD, b. 9 Nov. 1914, Young, Tx., m. Moore

issue: Irene Field, m. William Tanner



1-5-5-9 MARCUS (MARK) A COOPER FIELD b. 4 Sept.1857, Gordon County, Ga. d. 20 <my line> d. 20 Jan. 1924 b. Riverview Cemetery, Brawley, Calif.

m. 1) Mary Virginia Cunningham, b. 10 May 1857, Bartow Co. Ga., d. 12 Apr. 1909, OK.

See Descendants of James Smiley Cunningham, Bartow Co, Ga. by Glenda

Hamilton Garner, (copy from Jack W. Field, OKC, OK)

They had ten children

1. Willlie Edna Field b. 7 Mar. 1878 Floyd Co Ga. m. Herman Felton Bray 3-17-53

2. Horace Cooper Field b. 3 July 1880 Arkansas, 11 Nov, 1962, m. Garnet Sutton

8 May 1901

3. Lois May Field b. 28 Mar 1883, Ga. d. 4 Feb, 1946, m. William Ernest

Lummpkin 27 Dec, 1904

4. James Herbert Field b. 2 Feb, 1885, Ga. d. 21 Aug. 1959, m. Lelia M. King

5. Harold Watts Field b. 28 Feb.. 1887 Ga. d. 2 Feb 1907, m. Esther Barto

6. Annie Lou Field b. 9 Sept. 1890, Ga., d. ?

7. Corine Field b. 26 Oct. 1891, Ga., d. ?

* 8. Robert Cornelius Juan Field b. 25 Jan, 1894, Rome, Ga. d. 14 June 1962,

m. Helen Josephine Hansard, 4 Mar. 1922

9. Henry Donald Field b. 15 Mar., 1896, Ga., d. 1969, m. Lottie Marie Ball

10. Marcus (Mark) Mathew Field b. 18 Jan., 1898, Ga., d. ? bur. El Centro, Calif.

It is reported by Sallye Conner, daughter of Horace Cooper Field, that during Sherman's "March to the Sea", our grandfather, Mark Cooper Field was taken by some of his older sisters into the hills, from where they watched as their house and mill were being burned to the ground. This was in Bethel Church, Floyd Co. Georgia.

m. 2) Grace b. 7 Dec. 1875

issue: George Dean, m. Elizabeth Cubbins

issue: Deanne b. 1935

Sharlee b. 1937


1-5-5-9/1 WILLIE EDNA FIELD, b. 7 Mar 1878, Floyd Co. Ga., d. 1944, Texas.

m. Herman Wendell Bray, b. 14 June 1900.


issue; i. Herman Wendell Bray, Jr.

m. 2) Lydia Otellia Bickel,

issue, i. Barbara Felton Bray, b, 20 June 1935

m. 1)...........O'neal

a. Michael Weldon O'Neal, b. 8-24-55

b. Patrick Bailey O'Neal, b. 8-23-62

ii. Saundra Suzanne Bray, m. Jerry Don Henderson

lives OKC, OK.

a. Melissa June Henderson, b. 5-30-61

b. Jeffrey Bray Henderson, b.8-31-62

c. Benjamin Wyatt Henderson, b. 7-20-64

1-5-5-9/2 HORACE COOPER FIELD b. 3 july 1880, Arkansas, d. 17 Mar. 1953

bur. Brawley, Imperial Co., Calif., Riverview Cem.

m.1 Garnet Sutton, 1907, b. 19 June 1888, divorced 1910

1 dau. Garnet- - d. @ 12 da- b. 4 Dec. 1908 Shawnee, Ok.

Fairview Cemetery

m. 2. Ethel S. Perryman 1918, Brawley, Calif.

issue: Mary Ethel b. Brawley, Ca. m. Stanley J. Smith, 1939

last known living in Northridge, Ca. in 1964.

issue; i. Travis Ann Smith, b. 1943-44, Ventura, Ca.

ii. Peter

Thomas Cooper b. Brawley, Ca. Married in late 50s..........

m. 3. Lenora Gladys Rice b. 26 Nov. 1909, Miles, OK., d. 12 Apr. 1965,

m. 30 Oct. 1932, Pauls Valley, Ok., d. 12 Apr. 1965, San Diego, Ca.

Issue: Sallye Lee Field b. 7 Aug. 1934, OKC, Ok.

m. 1) Wayne Elton Litrell

issue TWINS: Sarah Leanne

Andrew Wayne b. 19 Dec. 1963

m. 2) Gordon Samuel Williams

issue: John Edgar (Jack) b. 29 Apr 1967

m. 3) Paul Farris Conner

(all 3 children adopted by Conner in 1970)


1-5-5-9/3 LOIS MAY FIELD b. 28 Mar. 1883, d. 11 Nov. 1962, bur. Rose Hill Cem.

OKC, OK, m. William Ernest Lumpkin, b. 5 Apr. 1883, d. 16 Oct. 1918.

bur. Wax ?, Floyd, Co. Ga.

had seven children: (LUMPKIN)

1. Bessie May b. 3 Sept. 1902. d. 15 Apr. ? , m. Otto William Schroeder

d. ? Feb. 1960 ? 1961

2. Mary Lucille b. 13 June 1904 d. 13 June 1904, bu. Wax, Floyd Co. Ga.

3. James Clarence b. 23 June 1905, m. Beulah L Shadwick ?

4. Lillian Edna b. 11 Apr. 1910, m. Harold V. Somerville, 14 Nov. 1936

5. Allen Louis b. 22 May 1912, m. Lula Harris

6. Laura Virginia b. 3 Mar. 1914 m. Charles William Saner

7. William Ernest Jr. b. 24 May 1916, m. Erma Louoise Godwin


1-5-5-9/4 JAMES HERBERT FIELD b. 2 Feb. 1885, d. 4 Feb. 1946, bu. Memorial

Park Cemetery, OKC, OK. m. Lelia N. King, b. 19 June 1888, d.15 Aug.1952

they had one child:

1. Clara Corrine b. 3 July 1909, d. 16 Feb. 1962, m 1) Clem Holder

m. 2) Russell Renbarger, adopted: Richard Roy (Ricky) b. 7 Jan 1954

Denver. Colo.

Richard Roy m. Vyronda (Scooter?)


1-5-5-9/5 HAROLD WATTS FIELD b. 28 Feb. 1887, d. 21 Aug. 1959, bu. Riverview

Cemetery, Brawley, Ca., m. 6 May, 1908 Shawnee, Ok., Esther Mae Barto, b. 29 June 1888, Indian Territory, (Chickashaw) d. 5 Mar. 1979, San Diego, Co., bu. Riverview Cem, Brawley, Ca.

they had seven children

1. Clifton Harold Field, b. 24 Feb 1909, b. Shawnee Ok. m. Jane K. Tyler, 1 Sept 1938.

issue: i. Pamela Jane, b. 1944, m. Charles Marion West, b. 1942

a. Catherine Mary, b. 1966

b. Jessica Melinda, b. 1971

c. Clifton Charles, b. 1974

d. twins b. 1978

e. " " "

ii. Melinda Margaret, b. 23 Feb. 1952

iii. Decorah Robin, b. 16 Mar. 1955


2. Allen Elmo Field, b. 21 Jan. 1911 , Ok. Co., Ok. d. 23 Nov 1952, m. Imogene Lyons

issue; i. Judy Field, m. Robert Plummer

a. Jeffery

b. Gregory

c. Jerry

ii. David Field m. Elgene

a. David Field, Jr.

b. Willie

iii. Ray Field, no children

iv. Robert Ronald Field

a. Susan Field, m. .........Greer

b. Wayne Field m. Sarah........

v. Marylou Lorrine, Field, m.............(Anderson)?

a. Mary Lea, m. Joe Rucker

i. Jolea Noel, b. 25 Dec. 1962

ii. Carrie,.........

b. Richard Glenn , Jr. m. Joanne.........

i. .............


iii. Michael

iv. Amy,

c. Betty Joan, m. Genade Prigin, 4-8-65, div.

m. Marvin Martin

i. Erin

ii. Chad, b. June 7, ?

d. Kenneth Allen, m. Brenda Watts

vi. Estamae Field, m. .......Burns

a. Gerald Roland Burns, m. Sarah Jo Green Bownell

d. Brawley, Ca.

m. Polly..............

b. Carol Burns, m. Wayne Williams

i. David Allen Williams,

ii. Terri Jo Williams, m. Bob Marshall

c. Dennis Burns, m. Nancy..........

d. William Ernest, m. ..................

e. Verna Mae, m. Jimmy Melton *

*Jimmy Melton is nepheew of Anna Lee's 3rd husband

vii. Anna Lee Field, m.1) ...............Clark

a. Phyllis Jean Clark, m. "Butch" Whittington

b. Brawley, Ca.

i. Josh Ronald Whittington

ii. Denise Jean Whittington

b. Cheryl Christine Clark m. John Norgran

i. Debbie Norgran

ii. Jeff Norgran m. ? 6-7-81

(Anna Lee married 2) .......Underwood)

c. David Allen Underwood, m. Amelia............

i. April Underwood

d. Robert Cleo Underwood, maried Kristine.........

i. Brandy Underwood

(Anna Lee married ........Melton

e. Michael Roland Melton, m. Theresa Burke


f. Kathy Patricia Melton

3. Roy Alton b. 7 July 1913, Mc Cloud, Ok. d. 23 Nov. 1973, m. Alma Quick


4. Ronald Robert b. 29 Oct. 1915, Pottawotomie Co., Ok. , d. 25 Nov. 1978 Brawley, California.

m. Florence Riddle

5. Marylou Lorene b. 8 Jan 1918, Pottawotomie Co. Ok., m. Richard Anderson.

6. Esta Mae b. 6 Mar. 1920 Pottawotomie, Co. Ok. m. Vernon Burns

7. Anna Lee (Pat) b. 17 Mar. 1923 Brawley, Ca. , m. Ardis Clark, d. 1952-53.


1-5-5-9/6 ANNIE LOU FIELD b. 9 Sept 1890


1-5-5-9/7 CORRINE b. 26 Oct. 1891


1-5-5-9/8 ROBERT CORNELIUS JUAN FIELD b. Rome, Ga. 25 Jan. 1894 d. 14 June

<my line> 1962, buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Ok.

m. Helen Josephine Hansard, 4 Mar, 1922 , b. 28 Feb 1903, d. 10 March 1994, b. Resurection Cem., Oklahoma City, Ok. (see Hansard geneology, copy available from Jack Field , OKC.) Robert J. (Bob) Field) served in the US Army during WW1 .

They had five children:

1. Robert J., Jr. b. 17 Aug, 1923, OKC, OK. died in days, b. OKC.

* 2, Jack W. b. 24 Apr. 1927 OKC, OK. m. Margaret Ann Willms

8 Sept, 1956

3. infant b. 13 May 1929 OKC, OK. stillborn, b. OKC.

4 Betty Jean b. 4 July 1931, OKC, OK.

5 Mary Ann b. 4 April 1933, OKC, OK


1-5-5-9-8/2 JACK WESLEY FIELD b. 24 Apr. 1927 OKC, OK. m. 8 Sept. 1956

Margaret Ann Willms b. 16 Sept 1933, Kingfisher, Ok.

they had three children

1. Jack W. Field, Jr. b. 22 Mar. 1958, Kansas City, Mo.

2 Linda Sue b. 22 Apr. 1965, OKC, OK.

3 John Robert b. 13 Dec. 1966 OKC, OK.

Jack Sr. served in the US Navy, at the end of WW2 and again during the Korean action.

serving aboard a Destroyer, the USS Brown, DD546.

1. JACK W FIELD, JR. b. 22 Mar, 1958, Kansas City, Mo., m. Beth Boehnke,

29 Dec. 1984, @ Wharton, Texas

issue: 1. Grace Renee, b. 1 May 1988, Wharton, Tx.

2. Jonathan Scott b. 17 Oct. 1989, Conroe Tex.

3. Ruth Elizabeth, b. 18 Feb. 1992, Houston, Tx.

4. Bethany Diane, b. 4 Apr. 1994, Tomball, Tx.

5. Joy Frances, b. 8 Dec. 1998, Conroe, Tx.

2. LINDA SUE FIELD, b. 22 Apr. 1965, Okc., OK. , m. Joseph Mark Garvin,

28 May 1988 Norman, Okla..

3. JOHN ROBERT FIELD, 13 Dec. 1966, Okc, Ok.,

m. Michelle Joy Van Alstine, 26 June 1993,

issue: 1. Madeline Joy Field, b. 9 Aug. 1996

2. Dawson Joseph Field, b. 11 Aug. 1998.


1-5-5-9-8/4 BETTY JEAN FIELD, b. 4 July 1931, OKC, OK., m. 1) Calvin Dempsy Swanson,

issue: Denny Von (Swanson) Albee, b. 19 Mar. 1949, m. 1) Sheila Schwarzbart,

m. 2) Laura Sataline, b. 22 Sept. ?

issue: 1. Taylor Terese Albee, b. 26 Feb. 1992

2. Hunter Christian Albee, b. 18 Sept. 1998.

m,.2) Donald Eugene Albee, Jr., 15 Sept. 1950, adopted Denny Von Swanson.

m. 3). George Kenneth Birdsong, 7 June 1958.


1-5-5-9-8/5 MARY ANN FIELD, m(1 Carroll Gene Bernard, 28 Oct. 1950, m(2 James LeGette . Yelvington, 26 Dec, 1978, b. 17 Aug. 1917, Port Lavaca, Tx. .. 1. Rex Alan Bernard, b. 16 Mar. 1953, m. Susan Elaine Calloway, 7 Feb. 1974.

issue:Julie Kay Brenard, b. 12 Feb. 1980

Jamie Lynn Bernard, b. 11 Sept. 1982

Jenny Leigh Bernard, b. 1 Mar. 1985

Tracy Dawn Bernard, b. 31 May, 1987

Terri Jo, b. 20 Nov. 1990

Michael Stone, b. 27 Mar. 1993

2. Donald Gene Bernard, b. 22 Jan. 1955, m. Synette Lynn Jeeves, 6-27-80.

issue: Donnette Lynn Bernard, b. 29 Sept. 1981

Danielle Lee Bernard, b. 21 Jan. 1984

Brandon Kurt Bernard, b. 15 May 1986

3. Leigh Bernard, m. Charles Tennant, 17 Dec. 1994

issue: Trevor James Tennant, b. 15 July 1997



1-4-5-9/9 HENRY DONALD FIELD b. 15 Mar. 1896, d. 1969., m. Lottie Marie Ball,

they had six children:

1. Mark Lewis b. 7 Aug. 1922

2. Donald Eugene b. 24 Mar. 1924

3. William Ernest (Bill) b. 23 Sept. 1926

4. Thelma Louise b. 17 Mar. 1931

5 Frank Herschel b. 27 Aug. 1932

6. Ruth Marie b. 23 Mar. 1934


1-4-5-9/10 MARK MATHEW (MARCUS) b. 18 Jan 1898, d. ?, about age 18,

bu. El Centro, Ca.